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Sam Heathwood's bullock team carting timber through Dayboro in the early 1920's.

The Crown Hotel's story starts as far back as 1892 when James Berry was granted a provisional hotel licence and his original brick home and store (built in 1887) became the Crown Hotel. In 1913 the hotel block was passed onto Francis James Thomson Hepburn who built a two-storied timber hotel nearby. This is the Crown Hotel that survives today. 

The Crown Hotel has since been owned and managed by different local families, but has always remained at the heart of the town, its two giant century-old fig trees guarding the many secrets of past Dayboro generations.


Watercolour painting of the Crown Hotel by F. Knorr, late 1920's.


The Crown Hotel has been owned and operated since the early 2000's by the Laing family. Renowned for their generosity in sponsoring both junior sporting teams/events and senior sporting clubs - not only on the Sunshine Coast but also throughout Queensland - the Laing family's motto has never changed: 

 "Buy Local, Support Local".

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